Online Projects

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 The youth site for our municipality. Eva, Kathi and I keep it alive. There are new articles every month about different topics. Not only for the younger ones.. hopefully.

Hörtner Hans
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 Christa asked me whether I could make the website for the new company of her father, and of course I said yes. There is not much content on it but still they liked it.

Johanna Olbrich
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 Kathi's aunt sells pots and pans, spices and other kinds of things, and she wanted a website for her customers. So Christian and I once again built a website for her. Kathi wrote the texts and we did the layout and coding.

Mobile Nachhilfe
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 Christa decided to give private lessons in English and German and so she needed a website. She asked me whether I can make it for her, and I, of course agreed.

Henteko Jouyouheki

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 A site about the Animes I've seen. It contains summaries, ratings, and some Top 10 lists. I haven't made an update for ages but I'll try my best to do so pretty soon :D.

Landjugend Krieglach
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 Through our school Christian and I were asked if we could make a layout for the youth club. It should be with CMS and everything.. not perfect but still.. we're pretty content with the outcome =D

coming soon(er or later XD):

Offline works

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