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Recent Layout

online since: 1. May 2006
made with: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Notepad
details: Font Graphics: Century Gothic, Verdana; Text: Verdana; Pictures: selfmade, Brushes: none, Shapes: Photoshop, Textures none.
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what else?: After nearly a year I NEEDED a new layout. Don't get my wrong.. I liked the other version, I still do, since it was really personal and everything, but once in a while I have to do some coding for my own, and just the way I want, so I decided to redesign my site. It's not very creative or anything, it's really simple, and dark... I guess some of you might critizise that, but whatever... without really knowing my work inspired me... I just realized that after Christian told me so :D...

Past Layouts

(Un)fortunately I couldn't find the bigger versions of some screenshots, so I decided to keep every single design that small... who care's anyway? ;)

Why mirmingi?

I searched for a domain name for quite a long time... I knew I wanted a domain, but I had no idea what to call it. Since I drew an ant somewhere on an oekakiboard (it's ugly you wouldn't want to see it =D) a former friend of mine called me mirmingi because of that... this should actually mean "ant" in Greek, but I don't really know.. I believed her, and so I bought that domain because I thought it sounds rather unique... *lol* if it means something horrible then I'm sorry... but it somehow became my online name...